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The creation and updating of this website is an ongoing initiative to stay in touch with our vast number of friends and family still living in South Africa and elsewhere all over the world. Having left South Africa to come and live in The Netherlands during 1998, we have had the opportunity to experience life in Europe. We still have regular contact with all our friends using the telephone, E-mail and Web phone/Web cam technology and have been very fortunate to have had many of them over for a visit in Holland during the past 12 years. The World has become a lot smaller these day's with flights on hand and the technologies.

This site serves to communicate to you on our whereabouts, interesting things that are happening in our world, our family and offers a storehouse of pictures taken whilst travelling. I have also reflected a selection of pictures taken of our visitors! What used to be far away destinations to us whilst living in South Africa,  are now close-by holiday destinations, so close that we are indeed visiting many of these places either by car, train or boat trips. I am fortunate that I may travel for my work throughout the world and this has contributed richly to the broadening of the views we have of different nations, their respective cultures & the individual countries. We view ourselves as a blessed family able to enjoy all of these wonderful things that have passed on our way!

Castle of Bronkhorst - ~ AD1305

Castle of Bronkhorst


Castle of Bronkhorst - ~ AD1700

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